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Wondering What Our SEO Strategy Is And Why We Are Different?

Many people call us daily and ask us Why they should hire us and Why we are different then the other companies. They also ask us How we do our SEO an what makes our SEO so special vs the other companies... I will be more then happy to explain this to you with 100% honesty and maybe you will see what sets apart from other SEO's

In our eyes there are a few things you need to know for SEO. The first thing is "Authority" and "Trust". Authority and Trust are the same thing in a way and way different in another. Let me explain. Once a website is creating and the on-page SEO is perfect Google now knows what the site is about but it does not trust your website yet. We make Google trust your website by building social signals and quality backlinks to your website. Once your website begins to appear on the first 5 pages of Google we know that "trust" has been established and we begin building more quality links to build up your websites authority in the eyes of Google. Since May 2014 Google has created a virtual sandbox where new sites sit until Google trusts them to rank for the keywords that they are optimized for. Now this sounds easy but it is VERY easy to over optimize a site and unlike many years back link building if done wrong can create huge problems in the future. This is why we take great care in creating the links and how they are structured.

Our strategy is simple.. Do what works! With that said let me explain the SEO process to you and how we will make your site reach page 1 in Google quickly.

  • The first thing that we will do is look at your competition and do an in-depth analysis on them and find out how they are ranking on page 1 of Google and what keywords they are targeting. Once this is complete we will then perform keyword research for your site to find you the best ROI for your business based on your budget and the SEO package you have selected.
  • Next we fix any onsite SEO issues your website may have.. Such as the title tag, meta description and header tags. Once this step is completed we will go through your site and add LSI keywords to your content along with the right amount of your keyword you want to rank for in Google. We will fix the websites structure in needed along with creating a sitemap and adding schema markup.
  • The next step in our SEO process is to now submit your website to Google webmaster tools so Google sees your website exactly how we want them to see it. We submit the sitemap and also any schema markup we have created.
  • Now that your onsite SEO has been set up and your website submitted to Google we begin what we call "dynamic link building". We take great care in the backlinks that we get for your website and make sure they are quality and the anchor text ratios are not over optimized. We have our writers create unique quality content that we will submit to web 2.0s', authority sites and we will also guest post on other websites. We use a wide range diversified platforms for our linking to ensure it is not only natural but quality. We do not spam or do "non Google friendly SEO" in anyway.

And that is it.. That is our "special sauce" and how we do our SEO.. Its not a big secret and we have nothing to hide, the thing that makes it work is How we do it and make sure we do not leave anything out.

seo testimonials

Honest and Dependable SEO!

We have gone through over 5 SEO companies in the past 6 years of doing our business. All have pretty much failed to deliver what they claim and or promise but Steve and his team are different. They have Affordable SEO Prices as well as delivered as promise. We have nothing but Great things to say about Steve and his Team!

Michael - Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning

Page 1 of Google in 2 weeks?!

This is the Fastest SEO company we have ever used. Steve ranked my website in 2 weeks to top 3 in Google for our main keyword! Steve told us he expected to see results within 6 to 8 weeks but surprised us when he called in 2 weeks with our results. We are still #2 for our main keyword 8 months later. Thanks Steve and your Team!

Tony - Your Top Loan Stop

Truly Affordable SEO Service!

I want to thank you very much for the hard work you placed into my website. You never gave me any excuses but always delivered with great results. I am truly impressed by your SEO prices also. No hidden fees or price increases. I can not wait to have you work on my 2 new businesses and if the ROI is the same as my first I will be more then impressed. You have far exceeded my expectations in every way.

Ryan - Pure Gold Imports